MK to DS

Is there a bus that takes you direct from MK to DS or do you just get off at a hotel and then change for another bus?

There is a bus that takes you directly after 4pm. I’m not sure if they have changed this recently or not.

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That’s a shame was wanting to get there about 1pm

I would suggest taking the bus to Saratoga Springs. From there, you can either walk, take a boat or take a bus to DS. I would find out where you wish to start your time at DS to determine which travel option would be best.

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The other option from MK would be to boat/monorail to any of the Monorail resorts, or the Wilderness Lodge, and then catch a bus to DS from there. @larrielaine’s suggestion of the Saratoga Springs bus and walking is probably the quickest as you’re only waiting for 1 ride instead of 2, but if you were looking for an excuse to check out one of the Deluxe resorts near MK, that’s a good one…

I would walk to the Contemporary and catch the DS bus from there.

Edit - ignore me, I read DHS instead of DS!

That’s a brilliant idea. Thanks so much

if you don’t mind me asking another question to you all. DS to Boardwalk after we have walked around DS. which is the easiest/best way to go? We are not driving and using Uber this holiday. Just trying to cut down on costs if possible. Only us two in our 40’s so can walk plenty and no need to rush.

I would just get a bus to the Boardwalk resort. It’s right on the Boardwalk itself.

I would hop on whatever board walk area bus (YC/BC/BW/Swan/dolphin)gets there first (usually some/all share).

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