MK the day of MVMCP

What is everybody’s thoughts on going to the magic Kingdom the day of a Christmas Party, but not attending the event? Is it worth it? It would be me, wife, and DD4. Would try and make it a day with EMM paid event and do that first thing in the morning and then just power through until 6 and then call it a day.

We would be returning for the party a couple days later, so we wouldn’t miss it…but wanted to split it up and it looks like EMM will only be offered on the days of a Christmas party.


What date are you looking at? When I check the Disney site, it does not show EMM for any days in November or December, yet. It’s on most Tuesdays and Thursdays in October, a change from Sundays and Tuesdays in September.

If you go to MK on a party day, it’s usually a lower CL and a good use of time - as long as you’re willing to do a shorter day, such as hop to another park or do other evening things. The downside is that you don’t get the MK evening things, like HEA and OUAT (you’d have to watch them elsewhere).

I was going off of last years dates, and was hoping for a Sunday EMM. Would be going the first week in December. Plus, I don’t know if my daughter would have two late nights in her. Looking at this itenarary:

Staying at Poly:

Friday December 1: arrival day/ resort day (Ohana for dinner)
Saturday 12/2: Hollywood studios
Sunday 12/3: MK with EMM (hopefully)
Monday 12/4: Epcot PPO Askerhaus, 6pm candle light procession
Tuesday 12/5: off day, resort day and Disney springs
Wednesday 12/6: Animal Kingdom
Thursday: MVMCP
Friday 12/6: depart

Back when the park was open to non-party guests until 7:00, by 5:00 the park was a log jam and very difficult and stressful to navigate. By 6:00, the CMs were basically rude in “guiding” you out of the park. When we tried to leave at 6:45, it was over an hour wait for the mono, ferry, or launches in shoulder to shoulder crowds. We ended up being 15 min late for our 8:00 Narcoossee’s ADR. My most UNmagical WDW experience ever. I would never go to the MK on a party day again, unless I pre-planned on leaving by 4:00.

I would definitely try to go on the morning/day of a MVMCP! The mornings are absolutely glorious. Especially with young kids who aren’t going to stay up late anyway. I would, however, just be planning to be on the way out around 4 or 5. I think we left around 4:30 and didn’t have too much trouble leaving. This was for the Halloween party, but it’s the same idea. We could see the crowds pouring in in costume.