MK shows in one place?

Are the shows, FHW, CTS, and CTM all in front of the castle? If I go to the FHW at 6:15, how early should I arrive? I was thinking of just parking in the same spot for CTS at 7:15 and then for CTM at 8:45. Then we were going to do HW at 9 followed by the Electrical Parade at 10:15. Should I be moving around for each show or is there a spot that works for all? There are 4 of us (14+) so I thought we could take turns shopping or grabbing snacks in between shows.

Sure you can do that. Would be some downtime btw some of the shows. Personally, I’d put everything into one TP (including your shows) and go from there. But, if you’d rather just hang in one spot for all the shows, more power to you.

Nothing wrong with staking your spot and just sitting there for att the shows! Saves your feet! :wink: