MK scenarios

I need help thinking through which day to visit MK.

Option 1: Day 2 of our 4 park days
CL3, BOG 8:15, MMH but we don’t have tix for this. Park closes at 6 for MNSSHP.

(We have HEA dessert party reserved for Day3 bc that’s my son’s bday, so we would come back Day 3 night to MK for that. So if we do a different park on Day 3, we would have to miss the night time to go back to MK)

Option 2: Day 3 of our 4 park days
CL5 BOG at 8:45. Park has EMH from 8-10pm. So we could make a whole day of it at MK. Possibly take a short break early afternoon.

I hope this makes sense. I value your experience, insight and advice. This will be our family’s first time to the World. With myself, it will be DH, DS11 (turning 12), DS9, DD5. We will be there in September.

Staying onsite?

Yes, staying at CBR.

For Option 1, do you mean it’s an EMM day, the paid ticket for unlimited 7dmt, Pooh, PP and the breakfast buffet? That won’t affect the crowds, and you’d be finished breakfast probably in time to line up for 7dmt before the rope drop crowd. You won’t be allowed to ride it until 9am on an EMM day.

Option2 has your breakfast right in the middle of the EMH. Unless your number one priority is BOG breakfast, then that isn’t going to help you. Except you could ride 7dmt before breakfast, if you get there at the start of EMH.

I would go for option 1. Check in for BOG early, to give yourself time to look around. Then line up for 7dmt or PP, whichever ride you are aiming for.

Option 1, yes it’s EMM day and I wasn’t sure how it would affect us.

The EMH on option 2 are night time hours.

Ah, sorry! Missed that.

Not sure of the dates you are going, but I like the first option for getting into the park early and not related, it may help get a FP for FOP on day 3 or 4 of your park days? I look forward to your review of CBR as to how it is coming along with construction - we are staying there May 30-June 3 - have fun!

Thanks for your input. We aren’t going til Sept so I’m looking forward to your review of CBR!!