MK Saturday Night Summer Hours

Right now all Saturday Nights in Summer still have MK at a 10PM close. Am I safe thinking this will change to later or maybe the attention pandora is getting is

I’m hoping they’re going to extend MK hours, the week that I’m there are the first weeks or so of MNSSHP. I’ll be at the party one night, but would really like to see HEA and with our other plans that may be tough. Right now the MK closes at best 10, but other nights I’m there it’s only open till 7 due to the party. Plus, it’s late August and they haven’t extended AK through that week yet. No late night touring love for me!

It’s not looking good. Excuse my French but it totally sucks. I was looking forward to a few mid night runs at mk. Can’t believe they are dialing back to save $