MK Rope Drop - what are the new recommendations for strategies?

We’re getting ready for our next trip. How are people finding the new MK RD procedures?

We used to be told to arrive a half to one hour early to stand and wait for RD. Now, people are getting in to relax and have a coffee… and stand in line at the hubs. What are the recommendations for arriving for RD on a 9am opening day?

I want to be in the first group that gets on Space Mountain (not crazy enough to attempt a 7DMT RD), so what time should I arrive and start lining up at the Tomorrowland hub?

I can’t help you with the new RD, but I would recommend against SM first. If you’re really at the front of the pack at RD, heading to 7DMT would be a better choice than SM because it is way more popular than SM. Unless you have a FP for 7DMT later in the day, than I guess it doesn’t matter.

this article should help you

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Very enjoyable and informative read! Thanks!

We do have a FP for 7DMT. I figured it would be easier to RD Space Mountain, as we could then get on with our touring. 7DMT at RD will already have a wait, even if it’s the lowest wait of the day.