MK Rope Drop Arrival Procedure

I’ve seen a lot of info about arriving at the parks early for rope drop but most of the info is related to staying at an onsite resort hotel. We will be staying offsite and driving to the park and we are super excited about seeing rope drop! My question is, when should be plan to arrive at the TTC in order to be there for the MK rope drop ceremony? I know it will take some time to get from TTC to the gates but how long should we allow and any tips on where is best to stand to watch the ceremony?

I would plan on being at the TTC before 8:00. The Welcome Show has been a little early these days. Some people like to stand front and center during the show, I like to be off on the right side.

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Yes, we got the gate at 10 til 9 or a little earlier yesterday and the show had already started.