MK Riding questions!

  1. Walt Disney World Railroad: is it possible to carry our stroller to the ride?. If not, the only way is to do it all the way up to our initial stop, right?
  2. Tom sawyer: Can you bring your stroller to the raft or you havo to park it before?
  3. In general: is there any non height restricted attraction that is not recommended to ride with a 4months baby (in baby carrier)? (e.g. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin???)

1 - YES you can bring it on (at least you used to)
2 - NO you cannot bring it (at least you used to not be able to) and to be perfectly honest - you really can’t use a stroller as it is all bumpy etc
3 - Quickly thinking about things - you can basically bring a wee one on almost any ride (as long as there aren’t height restrictions. I think BUZZ would be perfectly fine with a 4 month old - yes there CAN be jerky motion. A cast member would certainly help you out in making a decision.

I was thinking the same about Buzz. You do have some control on it as to how much you turn, unlike TSMM which really is jerky.

  1. There is a wheelchair ramp up to rr but you have to fold stroller to take on train with you. And then sit with it.
  2. You can’t take the stroller on TSI raft. No strollers on the island, either-probably obvious though if you can’t take it on the raft over.
  3. We rode lots of rides with DS1 strapped to me in a baby carrier. I don’t think they ever told us no, but we also always asked when entering a queue. I know for certain he rode People Mover, Buzz, Astro, Dumbo, HM, PotC, IASW, Jungle Cruise. Sometimes he couldn’t ride on my back, sometimes he couldn’t stay on my front, but he could always ride. Eventually I wore him on my hip so he was always ok.