MK restaurant opening times

I have been looking at some of the counter service places in MK and many say they open at 11AM. Do any open earlier, what I’m hoping to maybe eat after going on PPF then I have FPP for jungle cruise at 11:15. Oh yeah and apparently there’s a parade on 4/1 at noon so we want to try and get a good spot for that. I hope this make sense :joy:

Thanks for the help

On the WDW site you can search for restaurants - given your plan I would check Pinocchio, Columbia Harbor House, and Pecos Bills - and then go to a particular date to see the restaurant’s hours.

Are you looking at 4/1?

After you ride JC I would head directly to the hub for the parade.

Thanks, I’ve checked on the app and WDW website and times are not available for 4/1 yet. Is it best to just carryout food and stake out a parade spot?

You could most certainly do that. In that case I would consider Casey’s, Plaza ice cream sundaes, or Sleepy Hollow.

This could also be a good use for the in-app ordering for QS restaurants - and depending on the rest of the lines may be quicker than the regular line for pickup.

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