MK recomendations

So I think I need a 2and opinion. I am taking my two girls (10 and 13) to Disney in November along with 2 friends. My girls have been to Disney before, neither of the friends have. We’re going in November- I know parks close a little earlier historically. So I am extremely torn on what day to take the kids to Magic Kingdom, and was hoping for some opinions. According to the crowd calendar the monday of our trip will be approximately a level 5 crowds, with longer opening hours. The tuesday of our trip is a crowd level of 2, but closes pretty earlier (6pm vs midnight). Which day would you take 4 tween/teen girls??

You will not be going to the party on Tuesday night?

Probably not.

Then I would go on Monday and brave the crowds and stay for the fireworks.


Do you have park hoppers? What is your other park option for the other day?

From my experience, the difference in crowd levels between the party and non-park days in October and November is pretty dramatic. Some of the non-party days in October/November end up being 8+ CL and some of the non-party days end up being 1-2 CL. That is a noticeable difference.

No, we’re not doing park hoppers.
I think my other option for Monday would be something non-Disney. Our other option on Tuesday would be Hollywood Studios which is currently at at 4. We are in Disney Monday- Friday but only doing parks 3 days (MK, AK & HS) the week of Veterans Day. So were pretty open on which days we do what. I’m pretty sure were doing AK Wednesday (it’s a 3) .
I took 9 to Disney that week a few years ago and the crowds were acceptable so I’m glad to be going again the equivalent week.

Remember that CL for November may change between now and closer to the date so I wouldn’t solely rely on CL. Do you have to commit to your park for each date now?

I can see the arguments for both Monday and Tuesday at MK. I prefer Tuesday given how low CLs have been on average the past couple years on non-party days, but I can see wanting to brave the crowds in order to see HEA.

Where are you staying? Are you close to the Contemporary so you could watch the fireworks from their 4th floor terrace on Monday if you went to MK on Tuesday?

No I dont have to decide 100% right now, I’m just a planner and trying to get an idea. Were staying at Art of Animation.