MK RD from off property (now that temp checks are gone)?

Well, what are the thoughts on best approach here?

My plan was to Uber to TTC and then take the bus, reports seem pretty good. The other wild card that was thrown out on a previous thread was the idea of getting to TTC early enough to walk the path to MK.

Anyone have some recent reports?

That’s gonna be a good long walk. Solid 30 minutes. Will the lot be open early enough for you to access it to make a difference vs just taking a ferry?

I think if you ride share (which I plan to) that they have access to where the non Disney resort buses drop off. Seems that that doesn’t really get closed from what I’m seeing… but not sure because I haven’t done it.

It would definitely be lengthy so it would have to be an undeniable best option. We are adults only and it will be pretty. I will also definitely have a much shorter MK day than a normal year (thanks to no late hours - at least yet).

At this time I’m thinking the bus from ttc to MK will still be best option unless someone reports otherwise.

Is there a bus that does that? I thought it was just ferry or monorail from TTC.
Learn something new every day, I guess. And TBPH I don’t have occasion to use TTC very often so I guess I never would have looked for that.


Apparently there is sometimes a bus at peak times, especially if there’s a problem with either the ferry or monorail.

I think it’s maybe more common now with the distancing required. But I wouldn’t rely on it tbh.


Actually come to think of it I super vaguely recall being herded onto a bus (to my surprise) when I arrived at TTC preRD the one time I had a car, arriving well before RD for a tour. They said the monorail wasn’t running because of frost on the rails (January). It’s all coming back to me now…

Yeah see that’s my concern about the bus. Normally I would not trust it at all. I have seen some reports about it being there more often because it is basically the only way for people to get there early, but still suspicious. Use to be able to count on something because it PPO breakfast - there had to be an option. Now not so much.

ETA that it definitely does exist - seen videos - just not sure of reliability

I have heard that if you want to jump on the bus at TTC don’t go through security. The bus picks up to the right of the TTC. The bus will drop off at the bus stop at MK and you will go through security with the other bus riders from the resorts. I haven’t actually done this but my friends who drove to the TTC at rope drop last week said they didn’t realize not to go through security at TTC. They ended up on the ferry but probably would have preferred the bus!


Ooooo hasn’t thought about that but that definitely tracks with what I have seen on the video.

I didn’t think about the bus here… but they don’t open parking up to drivers until about 50 min b4 park opening.

This is entrance to shades of green and there’s a walking path from SoG to Poly. I’d be inclined to ask Lyft to drop me there and take poly transportation to MK

This was accurate for our trip two weeks ago. If you get there around an hr before official park opening (right when they open the gates) you can ask a CM where the busses are. They seem to direct you to the ferry or the monorail, but the busses are there very early.