MK Railroad stops (and hours) in evening

This may be an obvious question, but does anyone know the following?

– What are the railroad stops (locations)

– When do they stop running the railroad train(s) at night?

I ask about the hours at night because I remember some tired people trying to walk to the train station only to find out it was closed, and they were in Frontierland, last trip.


Stops are in Main Street, USA (you pass under the train station to enter), Fantasyland (in the back of the circus area, left of Barnstormer), and Frontierland (between Splash Mountain and BTMR).

The TouringPlans website seems to suggest it runs as long as the park is open, except that it stops before and during parades. Maybe they were trying to board after the park was technically closed?

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That sounds right… I bet it was during a parade!

I know we’re going during the MNSSHP, and after a long day (and night) of touring, a train ride sounds really, really good. LOL

Thanks so much @capn_ed for the reply :smile_cat: