MK Railroad and AK Flights of Wonder closures in Oct

There is a discrepancy between TP and Mouse Planet as to the closures of the MK Railroad and Flights of Wonder.

Mouse Planet has the MK Railroad closed starting September 29th, but TP has the closure starting October 12. Anyone know the real date for closure, because if TP is correct the I still can plan to do the ride during my October trip?

For Flights of Wonder TP shows it closed 10/06 through 11/06, but Mouse Planet has no closure listing for this. Again this could affect my AK touring plan. Oct. 12th here

A couple months ago TP had the closure at 10/29 for the MK Railroad, but it has since updated to the dates you have. So it should be accurate

What about Flights of Wonder? TP said my plan couldn’t have FoW in it but can’t find anywhere else saying it is shut in October. Anybody else know?

Answering myself - ok, have seen these sites say FoW closed - on DIbb, wdw magic and mouse for less now,10/5 to 11/5 - shame.