MK Plan 6/7/15
This is day 2 at MK
3 adults and one 7 yr old

I am thinking of trying to get FP for Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mtn Railroad, and Wishes

Want to try to do Jungle Cruise at night since we have never ridden at night

I know we have some free time that evening before Wishes but we can find some things to do!

It looks like you’ve chosen a nice selection of attractions! I would try to get a FP for 7 Dwarfs Mine Train above all others. You can ride the mountains and other attractions with very little wait first thing in the morning. It will be a more efficient use of your time to do other things during that first hour instead of standing in line for 7DMT. Try plugging in an imaginary 7DMT FastPass into your plan (just choose a random time in the afternoon) and see how that changes your Touring Plan.

I’m curious - was this plan run through the Optimizer, or was it just Evaluated? I would drop Steps 12-15 and then Optimize and use the results to determine the best FPP picks, re-optimizing to get the best plan with the FPPs. You will probably fins that you can get in a lot more activities before your intended 4:30 break. Then add back Steps 12-15 and Evaluate, perhaps adding in a few more attractions to experience at night (Astro Orbiter is cool at night!).

Thanks for the suggestion I will try that! I just added in the items I knew we wanted to do the 2nd day and just evaluated.

OK I tried this and maybe I did it incorrectly? I never saw any FPP recommendations.
Maybe I did something wrong…I am pretty new at this.

I know we would like to do the riverboat, jungle cruise, splash mountain once during day and once at night and also ride the carrousel at night.

Any help is much appreciated!!

OK, in order for the Optimizer to give you FPP recommendations you need to open up the FPP Options section, tell it how many FPP reservations you can make, and then re-optimize. Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to deal with FPP in PTPs.

Thanks! Here is the 2nd attempt still not exactly right and I am still uncertain if we should try to get a FP for Wishes or not

We would really like to leave at 4pm and come back at 7pm if it works out.

Then do riverboat, jungle cruise, splash mountain once during day and once at night and also ride the carrousel at night.

Ok, you have two large blocks of Free Time, which means that you can add more attractions. Also, given that there are specific things that you want to do in the evening, I would make two separate plans, one for before your break and one for after. Optimize each one separately, and look for the best FPP opportunities between them.