MK Plan 6/5/15

My first attemp at MK plan
Me, husband, 17 yr old and 7 yr old

We will have one other day at MK on 6/7/15
We are going to see Wishes on 6/7/15

We would like to stay late as we plan on sleeping in the next morning and not leaving our hotel until around noon.

Not certain what else to include at the end of the plan to do/ride while Wishes is taking place.

It looks good. You got a FP+ for Seven Dwarfs and for Be Our Guest? You might want to pick up a lottery ticket when you get to Florida. :smile:


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You have over an hour and a half of “Free Time”, which means that you can slip in a few more attractions if you want. However, as that time is divided into several blocks you could always use it for general sightseeing and shopping.

I might try Jungle Cruise a second time. It is really different during day vs. night. And/or add a show like Tiki Room earlier in the evening to push the rides later.

good idea re: jungle cruise…we have never ridden at night. We have a 2nd MK day so I think I’ll at it at night for that day.

HA!! My booking window isn’t open yet for FP…so if I do get the Seven Dwarfs FP then I might buy the lottery ticket!