MK Pirate Adventure Question

8 days left.
Just a quick question. The grandkids (And myself) loved The Pirates Adventure treasure maps in MK we did last year. We only did 2 maps. When we return will our Magic Band remember us and not give us the same maps? I think there was 4 treasure hunts in all.
We will find out soon enough, but thought maybe someone already knows the answer.

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I believe those are one of the few things stored on a specific MB? You have to wear the same one as last year?

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I’ll do that. we still have our bands. Thanks

I feel like they told us it resets after 14 days when we did it this time.

Regardless, the CM can set you up on any specific mission as we discovered when an item stopped working on one of our missions and they had to manually put us on our next one!

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Is it still true you get a Pirates Fastpass for completing a certain number of these?

When we were there in August, my husband asked about fastpasses and the cast member who helped my husband and son sign up said they could get fast passes after two missions.

I signed up five min later with my daughter (and without my husband/son), didn’t ask, and no one mentioned fast passes.

We also completed more than two missions and no one mentioned the fast passes, so you will definitely need to ask about them.