MK party vs EMH non party - sept

For the Thursday and Friday of labour day week their is an EMH AM at Epcot (Thurs) and MK (Friday). MK is expected to have a party Thursday. These are our first two days of a 9 day trip so I was going to do HS and AK days 3-4+ for better FP chances. We have hoopers. Should we do the EMH days and go elsewhere in the afternoon or avoid MK non-party? Thanks!

I would personally plan to go to the Morning EMH parks, and probably stay all day. Morning EMH won’t affect crowd levels too much - people seem to like to sleep in while at the parks (imagine that!). Given that EMH at MK is Friday, I’d be sure that you’re using a good TP (or a personalized, optimized one!), and keep an eye on wait times using LINES once you’ve finished your plan.

During the week in September is likely to be reasonably uncrowded most days, as many families will be in back-to-school mode and not at WDW.

I went in September 2016. Avoid the MK non party day if you are not planning on staying late in the park. We did one of each and the party day was much lighter for crowds. With that being said, I would also avoid Epcot on the weekends due to F&W, especially for late afternoon/evening. Between parties at MK and F&W, it can make it difficult to plan.

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For MK I would plan to do a morning that is a party day and if you want to see the Fireworks one night, plan to hop there in the late afternoon on the lowest crowd level day that you can find.

For Epcot, I would plan to avoid weekends like was suggested and plan to hop there plenty of evenings to enjoy F&W!

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