MK parking lot opening time

Just tried to get in the parking line for MK. We arrived at 7:40 and they told us the parking lot doesn’t open until 8, so we would need to circle around and come back. When did they start doing that? I thought they would just have us line up, and start letting the first cars through at 8. So now we are killing time. Does anyone know when they actually let us park? Will they open before 8? Maybe this is a better question for the chat…

They have been limiting access during this weird time so that they can control the flow of guests through TTC and entry gates. Have seen this reported a few times since reopening and Len got sent away at AK too

Ugh. I thought they would just let us line up in our cars. 7:58 and they made us circle around again.

8:02 and now we are lined up in our cars… I thought she said the parking lot opened at 8. Apparently that meant at 8 they will let us line up to pay for parking. It’s all good. I can feel the magic from here. Lol

8:15. Letting cars thru. In case anyone wants to know.


Frustrating but have a great day!!