MK Parade viewing spot before Merida (CL 6)

Ideas for favorite/best places to view the FoF Parade when the next item on our TP is Merida? It’s a CL 6 day.

We normally sit across the road from the Country Bears in FL. This time we want to sprint to line up for Merida right after the parade. (Side note, any comments on the efficacy of this Merida plan? We can’t see her at RD.)

Parade viewing priorities: DDs 4 and 9 need to be able to see without being boosted on our shoulders. SHADE is key.

There are no FP+s left for the parade, so that’s not an option at this point.

Thanks for your input!

You can try to find a shaded spot in liberty square near the Christmas shop where it goes over the bridge but you’d probably have to stake out a spot pretty early.

You likely wouldn’t want a FP for it because it’s in town square on concrete with no shade and in the summer its blisteringly hot.

When we did a similar plan, we actually lined up before the parade was done, and we were not the first people. If you are watching the parade, consider leaving as soon as you see the last float, which I believe is Donal Duck / Fantasia themed, but someone else can correct me. Head straight to Merida when you see the last float. Make sure that your parade spot is NOT on the side of the parade opposite getting to Merida (meaning, make sure that you are on the Merida “side” of the parade), or you will have to wait for things to clear before even trying to get to Merida. Good luck.

My thoughts initially would be to be in either Liberty Square in a shady spot near the stocks if you can find it, or down by Sleep Hollow. Sleepy Hollow would save you steps, but I think there is less seating there to be able to watch the parade, and it would take the parade a little longer to get to you before it was over. By being in Liberty Square the parade would get over sooner and you would get a head start on your trip to Merida. There is less Shade in that area though and I am not sure if the time saved by getting the parade over would translate into getting to Merida sooner as it would be a longer walk through Fantasyland to get there. Not sure where I would ultimately end up, it may depend on what seating was available at the time.