MK Parade Plan

I am working on my touring plan following my ADR day. We were lucky to get CRT at 4:30. I was planning on doing BBB right before hand around 3:30. Where should I try to catch the parade to make this work? Is it better to be at the front of the parade to high tail it to the castle as soon as its finished?

Anywhere in Frontierland/Liberty Square near the Liberty Belle Riverboat is going to have you in a good position to catch the beginning of the parade and head towards the castle.


I second Frontierland to be at the beginning of the parade. It should be done there by 3:15. Id be more concerned about about making your ADR. We were lucky with our BBB appointment and didn’t have to wait and dine in 20 minutes but I have read reports of them running way behind and if your daughter selects a more complex style it could take more than an hour. I would be clear up front that you have the ADR to make.

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Thanks! I’m s little nervous about the ADR too! I originally had BBB for 3:30; then read reviews that said to allow more time and switched to 3:15; then remembered the parade and switched back to 3:30. :joy:

We have a second day at MK but have an ADR with a large party at 2:15 at Crystal Palace. I figured I’ll tell them about our reservation when we arrive at BBB and hopefully they can accommodate. I’m planning to bring a dress so hopefully that will help speed the process. Thanks for the recommendations!

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You may have a timing problem here.

We did BBB at 8:10 am, there was no wait time, and it still took about an hour before we left BBB. I have read that BBB has a tendency to get backed up in the afternoon and there are often wait times in the afternoon because they start running late. I could see you not getting out of BBB until 3:45 or 4:00. If it were me, I would allow 1 hr 45 mins between BBB and CRT (when I was planning, people recommended 2 hours).

Hopefully it will all work out for you time wise, but I think you need to be prepared for the possibility that you might miss out on CRT.

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Well CRT is more important to me than BBB. Especially since they’ll charge me the full amount for dinner vs $10 for BBB cancellation. BBB website says to allow 30 minutes to an hour. I’ll grab a screen shot just incase. Plus husband and DS can arrive on time for our ADR if we’re running late at BBB.

And don’t forget the photo shoot after the BBB appointment–it is fun and usually results in great photos.

Thanks! I know my timing is tight; we’ll just roll with it and expect hiccups. Some parts of this trip are more complicated (and expensive) than our previous trips to Paris and NYC with the kids!

I actually have this question for myself but I think you can do the photos anytime, so you could do them after dinner, right? You just risk hair and clothes getting messed up I guess.

The parade is fun but not sure where that ranks vs CRT. A fun alternative to the parade is Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire which is the castle stage show. It runs multiple times per day and is 15 minutes. And you only need to show up 5 minutes before. That might be a nice alternative if you want to switch your BBB appointment to even earlier.

We did it right after, but I’m sure you could do it anytime as we just walked over by ourselves to the set. I don’t know from experience though. But good thinking!

Thanks, I’ll look into the Friendship Faire. I appreciate all the feedback and extras I need to consider.