MK or EPCOT on 12/22?

EPCOT or Magic Kingdom on 12/22?

This is our first time going to Disney World on Christmas and we’ve heard that the crowds get really crazy. We’re not early risers, so we will probably arrive around 11am-12pm at our resort on the 12/22. Would it be better for us to go to EPCOT or MK on that day and then the other park on the 23rd?

12/22 is a party day for MK so we will only get around 6 hours at that park but I heard the crowds are much lower. What would you choose?

Thanks in advance!

I would push to be up and out earlier that day and go to MK for hopefully slightly lower crowds. You’ll be finished earlier so you could be in bed earlier if the early wake up wears you out.


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I agree with @OBNurseNH.

Despite the shorter hours, party days have typically had much lower crowds. We made the mistake of going to MK on a non party day (between party days), and it was a madhouse.

Also, the further you are away from the actual Dec. 24 through New Years dates the better, historically.

My one concern is that it puts you in Epcot on Saturday…so try to get the World Showcase stuff done first…it tends to start filling up by noon for people there for FOTH.