Mk opening hours updated for Easter

MK opens at 8 am starting 21st March No extra emh but fridays emh is now @7am.

When will the tool be updated? I tried to modify my plan with the new hours but I cannot cause the park isn’t opened

they normally update it within a few hrs but sometimes you have to wait overnight. email webmaster@touringplans if its not done by later tonight and they will give you a time estimate.

Thank you

So it starts on Monday, not Sunday? Our first day in the park is March 20, do you think there is a chance it will open early on Sunday?

My first MK day is on Sunday, and it is not looking like it. for example, they added pre-8AM BOG ADRs a couple weeks ago for 3/21 and onward, but not that I could see for 3/20.

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Aww, man! I’m surprised that if they are opening early on Monday they didn’t start on Sunday, too. The crowd levels are just as big. Any chance they may rope drop a little sooner if there is a huge crowd out front early?