MK Only Weekend - Looking for advice

DH, DD13 and I are taking a quick trip - 3 nights at Polynesian CL, late June.

We’re looking to maximize the advantage of the CL amenities, so we are considering not wandering too far from the resort. No car, on property transportation only.

We’ve been numerous times over the last 10 years and we are DVC owners with AP, so we’ve experienced quite a bit of the entire resort.

Just looking for any advice from those who might have gone and only visited MK during a stay.

How could we best maximize MK?

We’re thinking RD daily for a few hours, back to Poly for the midday (pool and lounge), and returning to MK late afternoon / early evening.

Will we regret not visiting the other parks? We are visiting again in August, I’m guessing no.

Just wondering if anyone else has chosen this path and what your experience was.


DH and I did 5 nights at AKL last November. We did 1 day in Epcot to do Festival of the Holidays. We did MVMCP, entering the park around 4:00 another day. Knowing that we had a trip planned for this October, I enjoyed a more relaxed trip. I still could have used more time around AKL. Did I come home regretting not really do the parks, not when I was already planning another trip.

You are doing it right. I’ve done MK only trips. My heart kinda breaks not going to the other parks, but MK is where the Magic is. You’ll be fine. Especially, if you’ve already gone multiple time in the past & going more in the future. The urge to “do it all” is real and sometime hard to shake.

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