MK one day touring plan for tweens messed up?

Shows eat lunch and eat dinner as the first two activities.

Sounds about right for my 14yo son. :smile:


Try clicking edit on the meals and checking the times. Sometimes with my meals and breaks the times would ‘change’ themselves.

Have you evaluated or optimised? After checking the times are right, try optimising again.

If you really can’t figure it out, email the URL to and explain the problem.

E-mail about this - they should be able to sort it out quickly.

They’re right - the stock plan shows lunch and dinner first. That’s before even touching it to copy and personalize it.

Ok, I’ve just copied it and optimised it and the times have moved to the right place.

If it’s staying at the beginning for you, you definitely need to email.

@mdstagg, the TP folk have now fixed the plan to show the meals in their right places. Good catch!