Mk on mnsshp night

We are going to Disney for the first time this September for my son’s 8th birthday. I really wanted to be in magic kingdom on my son’s birthday which is the 20th which also happens to be a MNSSHP. After some research I know that party days are usually really low crowd days but we won’t have another day at MK. Is it worth to go on a party day for the low crowds but have to leave earlier or should we go when we have a full day?

If we go on a non party day would you suggest AK or HS on his bday? I’m currently leaning more towards AK so we can do Fab Five dining

If the fireworks are a priority, I would go on a non-party night. If not, the lower crowds may be worth it. Just know that they start letting party guests in historically at 4pm so the crowds start picking up a couple hours before the party actually begins.

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If Fireworks aren’t a priority and you have Park Hoppers, you could go to MK for most of the day and then hop to another park. Or plan a nice dinner somewhere fun…

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We were at MK on a MNSSHP during the day time only 25-Sept-2018.

Due to transportation times, we felt like MK was the only park to NOT take a midday break and alternatively call it an early night (see MNSSHP) or start later in the day around 3pm and stay late (which we did with EMH the next day). We had the luxury of splitting MK into 2 days.

If you do not have the luxury of multiple days in MK and this is a once in a lifetime/long time trip…and you want to experience as much as possible in MK, I would recommend going from RD to that early 6pm close.

You do give up the fireworks which are awesome, but you will be able to get so many other things done throughout the park that I think it makes it worth it.

Any idea if there is much difference between a crowd level 1 and crowd level 2? The alternative day we are looking at for MK is a level 2. Unfortunately we can’t afford the park hoppers especially not to use just for 1 night (7 year old and 2 year old in tow)

The fireworks are kind a big deal but probably not my son. I was thinking of doing dinner at Ohana our arrival day and catch the fire works from the beach. Not quite the same but to be honest I don’t think my son would care, it’s me that is really struggling with missing the fireworks lol. I just want to make sure that going on the early day close day wouldn’t have us missing out on a lot of things.

I would say since you are here (on this forum and using this website) it won’t really make a big difference. Also know that the chances of the day WITHOUT the party staying a 2 is unlikely since lots of people in your situation will go on that day to be able to see the fireworks and stay later.

Makes sense, I definitely have time to think about it although ADRs will be here before I know it. Just trying to get an idea of what I should be looking at. Thanks so much for the insight.

I personally wouldn’t miss the fireworks. Having a good Touring Plan and good fastpasses (and using a lot of extra day-of FP’s) will get you through a medium crowd day and the extra time in the park as well as the awesomeness that is Happily Ever After would make it worth it to me.

Then again, our family had hoppers so we hopped in late on an EMH night for the fireworks and stayed 'til 1am and then RD’d and hopped out the next day because of MVMCP.

There is not really a big difference.