MK on May 2nd

We have avoided MK for a while now due to crowd levels.
Were headed back to rope drop on Sunday May 2nd.

It appears they are letting cars in the lot at 7:05, and letting people in temp check around 7:15.
But hotel guests, it appears are getting in even earlier.
Any thoughts on quickest way in?

I have seen reports of the line for SDMT at 7:30 up to 60 minutes, but the touring plan is still recommending its first with a wait of :10 minutes. Anyone else experienced SDMT at rope drop recently?

We rode 7DMT at park opening 3/17 followed by PP. sometime those are the only two open super early. Yep worked for us. (We were walking through castle at 7:17, first into the park.)


No, hotel guests and off-site are all getting in at the same time. Disney has not yet started the 30 min early for only hotel guests yet, no announced date but some expect it maybe in the fall.

ETA: It is true that walking from nearby hotels is usually the quickest way in, but those people could be guests staying at other hotels or offsite who parked/got dropped off at those hotels (for ADR) in addition to those staying at said hotel.

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Have they stopped holding cars at the parking lot entrances? They had been doing that while Disney busses/transportation were going through, so even without the “30 minutes early” resort guests who took Disney transportation were still ahead of those off-site or who chose to drive or rideshare.

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No, they still hold cars from entering the parking lots until a specified time, near an hour before official open. Others can speak on the specific timing for car entry.


Does anyone know what time they are starting the boats from Fort Wilderness? We will be staying at the cabins but we will have a car, so if they are letting the parking lot in earlier than starting the FW boats then that might be the best option.




7:05 they let cars in, and hold people at the temp check until 7:15.

No advice on car travel but we will also be in MK on Sunday May 2nd (we will be taking boat from WL/Copper Creek)! Hope you have a fun and magical day!

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