MK on CL10 day for 3 FPP

So, how bad is MK on a CL10 day if we are going for a couple of hours in the late afternoon/early evening, to knock out a few FPP and do nothing else? Say, Talking Mickey, Space Mtn and Speedway? So, we wouldn’t really be delving too far into the park. Is it wall-to-wall-sea-of-humanity-don’t-do-it?

What is the date? There are all sorts of CL 10 days.

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The date would be Saturday October 20, not a MNSSHP day.

All of October will be crowded , especially at night, since there are less chances to see HEA. I think you will be absolutely fine with your plan!

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Just FYI, talking Mickey is no longer talking. If it matters to your plans.


Thank you so much! I just saw that about an hour ago and am heartbroken!!!

Ooo! Had missed that. Heard it was happening soon, but not when. Guess I’ll take that out of my touring plan.

Yes…so may as well meet Mickey in a different park if that works better for scheduling. Bummer.