MK on Christmas Day: If Not Rope Drop, Then...?

We’ll be at WDW for Christmas Week this year and have done it before, but this year we’re going to try MK on Christmas Day. I know Rope Drop is probably the best option, but kids will surely want to open presents and Rope Drop is at 6am this year!! We have ADRs for 2pm lunch & dinner later, so we should be able to get in, even if there are closures. We’ve done Christmas/New Years at the parks 2 years ago, so we’re ready for the crowds, planning on FP+ for what we can, standby at the end of the night if it slows down, and enjoying the atmosphere for everything else.

My question is: we’re staying off-property, and I’m not sure what to do if we don’t rope drop MK on 12/25. I know the parking lot fills up and have heard tell that it’s better to try parking at EPCOT and taking the monorail over. Any of y’all have any experience or advice with where to park and how best to get there if we don’t rope drop? Anything new with the Skyliner? Or maybe some ideas for opening presents that would make a 6am rope drop on Christmas Day more acceptable?

Thanks in advance!! :christmas_tree: :santa: :christmas_tree:

~ Jim in Massachusetts

Hi Jim! No answer to your question - I don’t see myself going to WDW at Christmas as the crowd would kill me! But I wanted to wave at you from across the border in the 603! Go Pats! Go B’s! (Go Sox and Celts too)

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Have you considered just getting an Uber /Lyft? It’ll cost about as much as the parking fee at MK and you won’t have to worry about anything. Just get dropped off at the Contemporary and walk over.

When I was young, a couple of times we did presents on Christmas Eve; my parents told me that with all of the houses that Santa had to visit, he had to start somewhere. I bought it. Once I hit about 10, the family tradition was always to do presents on Christmas Eve; we’d go out to dinner, go to church, and then come home and open presents. If Santa isn’t an issue, then I see no reason that presents couldn’t be done on the 24th, which would free up your morning on the 25th.

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definitely this. The monorail and all transport systems will be packed too, having taken a monorail between Epcot and MK very close to christmas (never on christmas eve/day though), I would try to avoid it.

I wonder if they’ll be more strict with incoming guests at the Contemporary on christmas day though? Or do they ever prevent Ubers from coming in? Even then, I suppose no one will arrest you if you jump out at the hotel gate or the street corner :grin: