MK Oct 1st 2016 45th Anniversary?

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about Magic Kingdom’s 45th Anniversary on Oct. 1st 2016. I was hoping they would do something special. I kind of heard a rumour where they were going to stay open until 1am that night but have not seen anything on this. I am planning to do rope drop to close on that day and would like to know if they are having anything like a commemorative pin, or special hours, or parade?

I know they are releasing special merchandise for the anniversary but I haven’t heard or seen anything about itmes that would only be available that specific day. Other than that, not much has been announced. There is the rumor floating around that Paint The Night from Disneyland could be replacing Main Street Electrical Parade for the 45th but that is all very light rumor at this point and to be taken with a grain of salt until Disney makes official announcements. I would imagine if they do plan on doing anything special, they would announce it here in the new few weeks.

Thanks for the Merch info.
Well just heard it was announced that Main Street Electrical Parade’s last run at WDW will be Oct 9th. At least I get to see it one last time. So much for trying to find out what special might go on, sold or hours. If anyone else hears something more please let me know.

As Disney posts more info, I will refer back to this post. Like I said, I imagine more will come out any day. They’ll have to announce some sort of replacement for MSEP soon.