MK morning plan - undecided

Hi all,
Si i do my FP tonight, or should i say 5 am where i am, and i’m doing my final itinerary plans so that I can do my FP.

I am currently on my MK day and i plan to be there for RD. so do i

a) Head straight to the back and que for 7dmt(which i hope to have a fp for later in the day) and then work left.
b) head left and work my way around.

my only worry is the que in the morning for 7dmd. will i even bother if I will have a fp later in the day.


I think there is so much to do at MK you will be good doing 7DMT once. I would pick if you will use a FPP ( usually a good idea since it gore down so much), and then RD something else.

I’d just fast pass 7dmt. The standby line at RD is not necessarily a walk on.

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i’m defo going to get a fp for it and also anna and elsa.
should i get a fp for BTM or peter pan for that morning. I love peter pan but sometimes that ride can be a wait and i also find that BTM goes quite quickly. Also i should get to BTM at about 9.45 so shouldnt have to wait too long… all this planning is annoying.

thats what i thought, so whats the point.

I’d FPP: 7D, BTMR and splash or space. At RD, I’d hustle to fantasyland and do PP, WTP, then go do stuff like pirates, haunted mansion, etc…

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this is what i’m thinking. please correct me if you think i can do better.
arrive and go left. do
pirates, jungle cruise, btm,haunted mansion, peter pan(fp), mickeys phil, 7dmt (fp) , BOG, anna and else(fp), have a wonder around fantasy land, see what the que is like for little marmaid. killing time before festival of fantasy. Make an evening FP and then leave for a break.

dinner at trails end then back in to do the right hand side of MK.

baring in my i will have previously done MNSSHP and the saturday night with EMH. this day i have two friends with me so want to plan.

I would start with PP and maybe even save Philharmagic for when you want to kill time.

I feel like i have to go in order. so where would you go after PP

Oh! You have FP for PP? Your good! Yeah if you start right at 9 you can start at PoC but get to big thunder ASAP.

My FPP strategy is based primarily on which rides I REALLY want to do, more than on RD/wait strategies. For MK, for me, it’s 7DMT, BTMRR, and Splash. If I’m going to use a computerized TP, I let it make the rest of my sequencing choices. If I’m going to do a “not a touring plan” day and if I feel up for SM (I love the ride, but the past couple of times I’ve ridden it it’s killed my back), then I will hit it at RD followed by Buzz. If I don’t feel up to it, I’ll go to PP at RD followed by Pooh.

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