MK morning plan for offsite guest, input needed

We are going to WDW March 24-29. No Park Hoppers, staying off site. I know it’s possible to get fastpass for 7DMT but highly unlikely. So I think we’re going to rope drop it. We have two days at MK. The first day is Tuesday the 26th which is the MK day I’m most concerned about. I plan our second day to be a bit more relaxed. A few questions.

Is it best to go straight through the castle or to go via the pathway between Fantasy Land and Tomorrow Land and jog to the left of the Mad Tea Party?

If we go to Peter Pan directly after 7DMT, will the wait still be reasonable? Or should we try and get Fastpasses for it later?

We have a breakfast reservation at CP at 10:20. Is it reasonable to think we can get five or six rides in? I plan to try making a plan here, but after I get fastpasses lined up.

I just did offsite. Largest crowd comes via the path between TL and FL. I witnessed it from the other side. I’m 99.99% sure you can’t go through the castle in the morning because the stage is set for the welcome show.

Since you have two mornings at MK - have you considered trying to book a breakfast at BOG before park opening? The experience is not spectacular, but you don’t have to order any specific minimum. You can go back and just check in for coffee and a cupcake and get a serious jump on the crowd that way. It really helped me take care of that FL rush when I knew a FPP was not an option.

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We actually did go through the castle last week after the welcome show. It was probably a mistake because it’s narrower than the path between TL and TL. We were headed to meet princesses so it worked out, but I don’t think it would be ideal for 7DMT.

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Interesting! I have done PPO BOG the last two times so have never seen it. I feel like I never see the Castle open to walk through so figured surely you can’t in the morning. It will just be me in July and I’ll be solo so maybe I’ll try it. I can be narrow :joy:

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I really wasn’t expected it to be open but it was and the crowd going around the castle was insane. We were navigating a stroller so doing it solo would probably be feasible. Still not sure it’s the best path though to 7DMT.

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I thought pre park opening reservations didn’t offer much opportunity these days. I thought I had heard that. I’ll have to look into it.

BOG will definitely get you on to 7DMT solidly ahead ahead of the rope drop crowd. It won’t necessarily get you multiple rides, but it will get on one walk on ride and potentially get you off in time to hit PPF before the wait builds up.

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