MK Morning Extra Magic Hour and Resort busses

Another question. :grimacing:

We will be staying at the Dolphin so we can take advantage of the Morning Extra Magic Hour at MK, but according to the hotel, the earliest pickup is at 7:30ish, arrives at MK at about 7:50 and the park opens at 8am. That seems kinda tight to me.

What time should one arrive to take full advantage of EMMH? It will be Friday April 28th, Touringplans estimates a 5 that day.

Great question…we are staying at Swan over Easter week. On Sat. 4/15 and Thurs. 4/21 MK has 7am EMH. I’ve been expecting that the bus will depart early enough.

Especially because they let you into the hub now, I would plan on being at MK by 7:30. If your bus doesn’t come, consider taking a Lyft or uber to get there earlier.

There has been an early breakfast bus (7:00 or so?) . On chat someone reported last week that they walked to YC before 7 because they were nervous. They were the only ones in the bus.

I did read something maybe yesterday about a rumor that they would be stopping the breakfast bus- but I did not follow the thread.

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Hello everyone! Our trip was a success in no small part to everyone’s help! I’m going to go through my old threads and report my findings on some of the questions I asked in case anyone else is searching for similar answers. Hopefully you can learn from us!

They do indeed pick up early at the Dolphin for Magic Mornings. It arrived shortly after 7am and we got to the MK just about 7:30am, so it worked out perfect.

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