MK in rain or postpone

We are planning to go to magic kingdom this Sunday. Now weather says it will rain. We have all week and can switch to a lower crowd day on Tuesday instead, and maybe do Hollywood Studios instead, but would mean trying to redo our itineraries and fast passes for other parks to switch. Opinions on whether it’s worth it to change things up and avoid the lousy weather for our one MK day?

What attraction were you hoping to do in MK? If the answer is the outdoor coasters, then I would change. If you were only going to do dark rides- keep it. All of my favorites at HS are the same rain or shine- so I always pick HS in the rain.

We are huge outdoor/coaster ride fans. I was worried about them being closed in the rain. Sounds like HS is a better plan. Thanks for the input!

Rode BTMR in rain last thursday… difnately not closed (even saw lightning in the distance once). Anyhow, since it’s already sunday, it’s too late for me to advise you, but it was one of the highlights of the trip. Totally awesome :slight_smile:

Last December I rode California Screamin twice in the rain. Once it was alright- the second ride it was painful!

Just want to point out that they do not hold Jedi Training in HS in the rain, in case that matters.