Mk hub construction

I have looked at the plans several times from several sources. When the hub is completed at MK, will there be a bridge/water etc? Will the roses be completing gone, not to return! I am excited about growth and changes at the parks but also treasure parts that I visit trip after trip.

There will still be water, just less of it. WDW had a 3D flyover rendering which helped to visualize. I suspect its find-able on the disney parks blog.

I think there’s an aerial view here:

Is there any indication on when it will be finished?

All I see in the article is “the entire project finishing by 2015”. Quite a big range there!!

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Yeah. I saw that too.

Like everybody (I’m sure), I want my kids to see Cinderella’s castle for the first time WITHOUT construction wall obstructing the view.

Selfish? Maybe.

I totally get it. I hate ugly background/walls. In early January, they had the crane up early morning at the castle, and it showed quite prominently in my pictures (we had a pre-rd ADR). I quickly learned how to use my photo editing software to erase it!

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Anybody have any recent photos of the hub construction?