MK Hub Construction progress

Is there a finish date for the MK hub project? I’ve seen plans, but no complete date

I have not seen a date, just 2015.

I think they will have our new Minnesota Vikings stadium done before the hub. How hard can it be to pour concrete, toss in some trees, benches and lighting? It’s getting old.

Makes me wonder who on earth Disney hires for their construction projects. The way they are cheaping out in the parks makes me think the lowest $$ bidder, which is also normally the longest timeline.

It’s taking them years to build a parking ramp in DTD too.

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Its looking pretty hairy over there from photos I’ve seen too. We are going during Spring Break and I am hopeful that some parts of the construction will be cleared by then. I can’t imagine what it will feel like during Xmas week with 9’s and 10’s

Me too @jlyn. Just 2015. Would be nice to have some idea of phases ect