MK & HS - Which park on which day?

We are going to WDW April 21-28.

Currently, our third MK day is Sunday April 26, 2020.
Our only HS day is Monday April 27, 2020.

I chose the above for two reasons, both centering on HS. HS has EMH (8am open) on Sunday, and we always avoid EMH parks. As well, it puts HS as the last day, giving us the best shot at hard to get fastpasses (60+6 I think?).

Looking at things now, I see that there is Early Morning Magic in the MK on the 26th. And I hear that it’s likely that the HS EMH will likely change/disappear, removing one of the reasons I ordered things as I did.

I’m considering flipping those two days, so that 1) we don’t have people in the park ahead of us on our MK day, due to EMM; and 2) we generally prefer (if possible) to end our trip with a MK day. The only downside is that it would be that much harder (60+5) to get our HS tier 1 FP.


I’d keep it. It looks like that’s the favorable crowd-level combination. From what folks say, EMM doesn’t have much of an impact on park flow. And you’re right about FPs - that extra day might help get a better time for SDD, if that’s what you’re looking for.

But - how much would you prefer to end with MK? For us, Toy Story and Star Wars would be our preferred ending, vs MK.

SDD, or MMRR if it’s actually accepting FPs in April (I doubt it).

That’s hard to articulate/quantify. Suffice to say we always want our first and last sight to be Main Street before leaving the World.