MK hours have changed on our first day? advice please

Our first day is Saturday Aug 27th, and original park hours were opening at 9am. I have a BOG breaky booked for 8:05am because we wanted to be in the park before opening (photos of castle, and getting over to Seven Dwarfs before lines start)

My FP are booked for the evening at AK, I am wondering if I should drop my BOG Reservation and change my FP for the morning at MK? Or evening passes are for Safari nighttime, Jungle Book Show and Everest.

Any suggestions? We are only staying at MK till 2ish as we have reservations at Sanaa at 2:55pm, then plan on heading over to AK after our late lunch.

If you only want the breakfast to get a head start for 7DMT, I’d drop it. You will get in ahead of the RD crowd so will still get pics on an empty (ish) Main St, but lines will be pretty long when you finish eating.

I don’t know what lines are like in the evening at AK so I can’t advise what to do about your FPs. If you drop the breakfast though, you will be able to do 7DMT without too long a wait. But then you won’t get the pics. It depends what your priorities are.

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That is what I think I will do, Honestly I was only doing that meal because it counts as a QS for our free dinning and I wanted to get in the park early to see main street empty. Also to get on 7DMT easier.

This is our second trip but our first trip was years ago before FP+. I am finding myself second guessing my plans.

My guess is that you’d save the most time over all by choosing the MK as your initial 3 FPP selections. Have you done 2 personalized plans (one for MK in the am and one for DAK in the afternoon)?

Everest can be done w single rider. You most likely could get Safari as a 4th FPP. No idea about Jungle Book.

I’d keep BOG but do 7DM beforehand. With an early ADR you might still be able to get into the park before everyone else, then you can be first on 7DM, and you might not even be late for breakfast.