MK Hidden Gems

DH and I will be on an adult-only trip in July. We will be doing the Marceline to the Magic Tour from 8-11am and eating at Skipper Canteen at noon. We’ve been to MK multiple times, so there’s nothing we “have” to see/do, but we’ve never been without kids.

Any suggestions for out-of-the way, lesser-known attractions/places/snacks, etc. in MK you have for 2 adults celebrating 26 year anniversary?

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I really like the area outside Gaston’s Tavern at night. I think it really has a lovely and authentic atmosphere at night. They keep changing the menu at Gaston’s (RIP beloved pork shanks), but if you can grab a snack (they have a ham & cheese pretzel now, fruit cups good, cinnamon rolls are huge and too sweet), inside the tavern near the fireplace is nice, and it’s lovely outside, too.

I like to watch fireworks from a wall along the walkway from the speedway toward Dumbo, on the far side of 7dmt mountain. You will not see the castle projections. However, you can sit on a wall, get popcorn and soda from a nearby cart, and have the entire area basically to yourself even on peak crowd level days. Perfect for our needs - being near the hub has actually been kind of scary for us with big crowds, we’d rather be off the beaten path.

Obviously need to do Dole Whips.

We enjoyed sitting on rocking chairs on Tom Sawyer Island.

Fruit and nutella waffle at Sleepy Hollow is so tasty, sorta healthy, and big enough to share.

It is pure magic over there. Just beautiful by the fountain. And although you won’t see castle projections, it’s a fantastic place to take in the fireworks - and so uncrowded!!!

Grab the rocking chairs outside of the Hall of Presidents to watch the afternoon parade. It isn’t a front row view but it is nice and relaxing.

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There are many other things to look for

Hidden pascals around the tangled tower
Party line phone in the hat shop
Intergalatic newspaper by the tta entrance
In the alley off main street tomorrowland side you can hear vocal lesson taking place

To name a few

Forgot to mention. Do the goodnight kiss. 1/2 hour after official closing time. There is a small sweet castle show.

Look up at the windows above all the shops on Main Street. There are tributes to many of the original imagineers of WDW in the names of the proprietors. Have a seat at the end of the side street off to the right, with a cool drink or coffee or ice cream, and watch everyone pass along Main Street.

In Liberty Square, look at the plaques and flags round the Liberty Bell. Check out the shutters on the houses. Look for the changes in the paths and sidewalks from Frontierland, Adventureland and Liberty Square. You can see the demarcation between the lands.

In Adventureland, listen for recordings from the balconies. Look for hidden animal carvings in the rocks. Check how different the building is on Adventureland and Frontierland sides, the profile looks totally different, even though you can’t workout how they did that!

Linger around the wishing well. Check out the fountain behind the castle. Go all the way round on the steam trains, or ride each one of the steam trains running. How many animals can you see on the sides of the railway between Town Square and beyond Frontierland? Try and catch the sidewalk “painters” in Fantasyland.

I love all this this stuff, take some time to check out something new.


Have you watched HEA from there yet?
We loved watching Wishes from Gaston’s last year and that’s where I am planning on watching from again this year. I am aware I will not see the projections, just wondering if it’s still a good spot?