MK help

Spending 4 days/4 nights @ WDW 12/7-12/11 and would love some MK touring advice.

Ill be be traveling with my 2yo, mom & step dad with a plan to visit MK 12/8 in the morning, 12/10 all day with a hotel/nap break midday & maybe before dinner on 12/9.

I traveled with my daughter last December and we walked a ton, maybe more than needed. I’d like to minimize this for my mom.

I would love advice on how to maximize our touring MK so that it feels stress free & easy going.


If walking is an issue have you considered focusing on a land at a time?

I would advise taking one land at a time and focus on fantasy land for your little one.

Make a touring plan and make sure to choose the option of less walking and choose a slow walking speed.

Super decorate your stroller, make it stand out in a crowd so it will be easy to fins, especially when it is moved by cms. Also find a way to secure your stroller cover so it does not get taken, sad but true it has been reported.

Remember you can get the most done by getting there for rope drop and taking a break. It will recharge all. Take advantage of the play area near dumbo and be sure to have at least one change of cloths.

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