MK food help

No CHH and no BOG lunch has me very confused.

I and my travel buddy are pescatarian - so no meat for us. Seafood and vegetarian options are best.

I can see a day filled with snacks of pretzels, dole whips, churros, etc, but I’m worried about mobile order getting in the way of us being able to just get a snack when we want something.

Trying to avoid TS. Might go over to GP at WL, but if we do want to stay in the park, anyone got particular suggestions?

I thought the CHH menu was over at Tomorrowland Terrace?

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Take a break at the Poly?

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I thought I heard that. Do you know if Tomorrowland Terrace is open every day? I thought I saw somewhere that it was not always available.

It seems to be open every day but the hours are limited - 11-4. But if you look on MDE for the description it says it’s serving favorites from CHH.

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@socalgaljmg answered. It’s not on my radar as I find fish gross. I just remembered hearing that they moved that menu there.

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