MK Fireworks

Could a person go to the entrance of MK, say where the monorail, buses and boat dump you, not go in, but still see the fireworks? I’m thinking the answer’s going to be ‘no’, but I thought I’d ask.

You wouldn’t get as great a view of them as you would at a monorail resort where- yes- you could watch them for free.

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Maybe… You’d do a lot better watching from TTC where they pipe in the music and the perspective is better. Tried last February based on some tips from a blog article here on TP and it was great. Better than my previous in-park experiences.

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I never would have thought about the TTC, but that makes perfect sense.

Yep. Me either. Just go to the ferry launch docks. We were going to stand somewhere off to the side, but when the CMs saw us and asked if we needed anything, we told them no that we were just there to watch FW. They seemed totally used to it and invited us inside the queue right up next to the water.

It was kinda dead so YMMV

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