MK Fireworks Viewing - Restaurants

I have a 7pm at 'Ohana and 8:25pm at Narcoosees.

They are currently spread out that far so one wouldn’t get deleted!

What would be the better option? …and the most optimal time for the ADR?

What time do you expect the fireworks will be scheduled?

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It’s on 10/1. MK is scheduled to close at 9pm, but WDW hasn’t released any kind of schedule so far outside opening and closing times.

At Ohana you should be done with your meal. I know there were reports they restricted beach access on the 4th and the resort will be fully open at that time.

At Narcoossee they will allow you to step out on the private deck to watch and return. Sometimes you can sit at your window seat (music is in both places) but people standing on the deck will partially block your view.

I think Narcoossee’ is safer unless an ADR will guarantee you access to the beach at Poly.

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We are staying at the Poly, so access shouldn’t be a problem. :sunglasses:

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So the question I would ask- do you want to watch from a restaurant? If you do, then Narcoossee is your only choice. You can watch from the Poly beach with or without the Ohana ADR. You should be done two hours after the ADR.

I think Narcoosee would be the more relaxing, “experience”-level experience. If you’re just looking for a place to watch from, 'Ohana is fine. But for me dinner and fireworks should be an elevated occasion, and Narcoosee feels more that way to me.

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Dd was unhelpful with an opinion …“I am happy with whatever makes you happy Mom.”

'Ohana would “immerse” us in the Poly experience, especially since we are staying there. I could wear my Minnie Hawaiian dress and really leverage our stay.

Conversely, this is my trip of firsts (Poly and 'Ohana included) and my trip to do all the things I can’t w/ the whole family so Narcoosee seems like it fits as a splurge w/ the rest of the trip.

If I go w/ Narcoosees, what do you think the optimal ADR time is for the Electric Water Pageant and fireworks?

I think EWP will pass by Narcoosee first, so you’d want to be there in time for that. It looks like it generally starts around 8:40 but times are not showing out as far as your dates; it may curtail back a bit with earlier sunset?

In any case if you have an ADR for around 8 I think you’ll be fine. As @PrincipalTinker indicates, you’ll be welcome to go out onto the concourse there to view whatever is available for viewing. This is super common at restaurants like this, and they have things down to a science in terms of managing your needs and serving your meal in an appropriate timeline. Often they will ask as you are seated if you’ll be stepping out to enjoy the show(s) and may ask for a preference around timing of your courses. You’ll be in great hands.

Anyway, aim for around 8 and you’ll be well set up for both shows.


I think you should keep the restaurant you want to eat at the most. Ohana is a coveted reservation and hard to get. I have tried on 4 trips and still have not been able to eat there.

This is what I was wondering. I’m not too familiar with the night shows and if they adjust times, but sunset is 7:12 on October 1. Which would make complete darkness around 8:30.

I adjusted the times on both ADRs, but am leaning towards keeping Narcoosees.

I pulled back 'Ohana to 6:30pm to give us time to get out to the beach, and moved Narcoosees from 8:25pm to 7:55pm (8:00pm wasn’t available?) to allow time for us to be seated before the water pageant.

I have things I like and don’t like about each menu, and dd is meh on both of them … so she is no help.


effectively the same. Well done.

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I ate at Narcoossee in June and it was wonderful (as usual).

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I would do Narcoosees. That’s my most desired reservation for my next trip and a highlight of my last big trip.

You could always try Ohana breakfast (maybe on Epcot day) if you really wanted the full experience.

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I just did some calendar scouting on the WDW site. The last week of HEA at MK is scheduled at 8:15pm with a 9:00pm park closure.

They are 9:15pm through the summer when MK is open until 10:00pm. When the time pulls back to 9:00pm, the fireworks are listed at 8:45pm until Monday, September 6th. On Tuesday, September 7th the fireworks switch to 8:15pm.

There are still not any fireworks times listed for October.

Can you check Touring Plans historical data for HEA show times in October in previous years?

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I thought of that, but the parks are closing so much earlier than they usually do, even across the summer. I am not sure that it would be a good indicator of what they will be doing in October.

I would think that sunset timesand historical data are more meaningful than current park hours because they need dark to display fireworks. They’ll have to adjust park hours to have a fireworks show.

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I looked at October 1/2/3 in 2017, 2018, & 2019.

Park close was at 11pm in 2017 and 10pm in 2018 & 2019 with HEA scheduled at 9pm regardless of the closure time. The only difference was unless there was an early closing (6pm) for MNSSHP and HEA wasn’t scheduled.

September 30th MK closes at 8pm (no HEA or Disney Enchantment) and then closes at 9pm starting on October 1.

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