MK Fireworks Testing on Monday 16th

Anyone there next week? There is fireworks testing scheduled for Monday after hours in the MK area.

For anyone staying at a monorail resort, viewing them will be easy enough.

Anyone else will need to get creative, as I doubt they’re going to allow people to simply drive up to the Poly / GF / Contemporary and park. Not sure if the TTC actually closes, and we don’t know the time yet.


That is awesome! I am SO hoping that they test them while we are there in 15 days!!!

Fireworks testing to happen between 10 PM and Midnight tonight

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would someone be able to see them from the sky bridge at CS?

I’m not holding my breath.

Disney did similar testing of fireworks at Epcot a few weeks back, but there is no sign that they are actually returning imminently. I suspect the same is here.

Also, with a 2 hour time frame for testing, it is likely going to be sporadic, not continuous…although that’s purely conjecture.

Still, I agree it would be awesome if they were practicing them when we’re there. Specifically, the evening of Nov. 30 would be most ideal. (We’ll be at Bay Lake that night.)


I hope the fairy godmothers are reading this thread and grant your wish!

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