MK fireworks - stupid Q

It has been so long since I went to WDW, I’m not exactly sure how to word this question. It’s about trying to find a place to stake out for the MK fireworks. (They’ll be HEA when we’re there in September, and I’ve never seen that particular show.)

'Way, 'way back, when we used to go to WDW regularly, I would stake out a table at the lower terrace in front of the Plaza Restaurant.

By 2004 or 2006, that terrace was roped off and was a preferred viewing section for, I think, American Express card visitors? I’m not sure. I don’t remember. I do remember staking out a place on steps to that lower terrace from the Tomorrowland Terrace restaurant area.

Now… from looking at maps, it looks as if the lower terrace doesn’t exist at all any more. It looks like the whole area has been elevated and expanded to add several rows of tables and chairs with yellow-and-white-stripped umbrellas. That’s lovely. People have to eat, after all.

There are no trees at the hub… It looks like there are astroturf patches of fake grass around the hub? OK…

So… Can I stake out a table in front of the Plaza Restaurant for the MK fireworks? Or are they reserved for somebody more special than I am?

I was really kind of hoping that dessert parties would come back before I arrive, but I think I’m out of luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am an old lady with bad knees who can’t easily sit on the ground or get up from sitting on the ground, so I would prefer to be seated at a table if I’m going to have to snarl and growl at interlopers while I wait for pyrotechnic greatness. :wink:

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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No stupid questions here. I hope sometime gives you a great answer!

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Circa 2005 everybody figured out that the Tomorrowland Terrace was the golden spot to watch the fireworks and of course Disney monetized and pre-pandemic sold that location for the Desert Parties. When those seats were being gobbled up, Disney capitalized on on that piece of astroturf (AKA Plaza Garden) and started selling Desert Parties in shifts, where either got the desert portion before or after the fireworks but split the viewing area between the two locations.

I used to stand in the in this area:

because I could lean against the railing or the concrete pillar and put my kids on my should and not possibly block anyone behind me. Well that ended last trip when 5 min before showtime a CM with a role of masking tape told me where I was stand was supposed to be a walkway.

There is a new exit next to the Tomorrowland Terrace that is opened during heavy crowds to reduce exiting guest from having to go down the Main Street corridor and that may factor into where you choose to stand.


There is the Liner spot that has a table and a side view of the fireworks. @OBNurseNH sat there w/ her family. Last time I was there it was taken by interlopers :rage: So DH and I sat on a very comfy brickwall around the tree across from the Xmas shop. We didn’t have full view of castle projections but we could see all the fireworks. I didn’t take pics of fireworks but you can see our view.


I think you want a full castle view for this experience. You are correct about the area being redesigned. I used to watch from the Tomorrowland Restaurant area (later dessert party area). I don’t know if that elevated area is open these days without the dessert party.

There were two FP areas built during one of the redesigns. The fast pass areas were closed. One was used as the “garden view dessert party viewing area”. That one is the fenced area in front of those plaza tables. The other area is the fenced area in front of Crystal Palace. The area in front of CP can have a section reserved for Club 33 and VIP tours.

If you are willing to sit for an hour or more, those viewing areas might actually have a better direct view. You also will not be lower (sitting) than the crowd when the show starts.


Thank you! That’s the kind of info I was hoping to find. I’m five weeks out and looking at maps, wondering, “Whatever happened to that nice slope where the ducks and bunnies used to frolic?” Because I would sit at a table for an hour before the fireworks just watching the World while waiting. Oh, happy times!

I do think the MK Sacred Space ™ looks lovely, and I am very much in favor of watching the fireworks from not-in-front-of-the-Castle at least once every few years. It makes you feel like an insider to be behind the magic, you know?

I’ve got three chances to see HEA this year, and I do want to make the most of it. Thanks to all of you!!! Liners are the best, best, best! :partying_face:


It’s a super great spot but yeah if it was my only viewing or my first in a long time (and OK if DD didn’t throw us the “I have to have Sleepy Hollow right now!” curve ball) I’d have wanted right out front.


I’m all about the Castle projections for HEA. Fireworks, schmireworks. Who hasn’t seen fireworks before? Meh. They’re not that amazing during HEA.

I’ve only ever seen HEA from the two dessert party spots (Plaza Gardens giving the superior view) and the VIP tour spot.


I can’t recall and maybe @OBNurseNH can chime in here but can you see the projections from the Sacred Space, or only the fireworks?

Whatever part of the castle you see is all you’ll see of the projections. In the sacred space you need to move the table to one side to get the best view but it’s NOT like being in front of the castle. However, it also means you are not standing shoulder to shoulder w/ the masses either, you are sitting (saving your feet).

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I think the Sacred Spaces have that in common: Sacred Sitting.


We need to care for our feet as well. After all they do carry us about for loads of hours each day :wink:


Projections are not really visible. You can kind of see them but not in a way that you would understand what you’re seeing if you don’t know the story/show well.

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Perhaps we should rename them the Sacral Spaces?


Even Walt liked a good, well-sited park bench so that he and Lillian could people watch.


Ah. OK thanks. Like you said in the post I saw after I asked, if it’s your first time you want it from the front.




yikes… you stepped right into this one :thinking:

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…even if you have to put up with the crowd and people paying for a VIP view



:rofl: :laughing: :rofl: