MK Fireworks from outside

Hi all.

I have a solo day coming up on 02/08. I’ll be in TMK from rope drop to the bitter end, but I have managed to plan some open time at the end of the day.

I had a thought that if I could park closer to the Poly, I might leave the park before end-of-day and find a fine viewing location for the fireworks on the beach. Martini in hand, of course.

I was looking at the satellite shots recently. Can you even see the fireworks anymore with the bungalows in the way? Or should I just stay in the park anyway?

Crowd level is a 6 on the day I’m there, so I’m not overly concerned about unruly mobs.

Any suggested viewing locations would be appreciated, preferably one where I may cap my day with an adult beverage.

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You can. In fact there is a slightly elevated knoll to the right of the beach if you are standing there facing MK. It is usually sparsely populated and gets you up high enough to be above the bungalows. It’s a great little spot. Grassy areas as well as benches. And the music is piped in.


And you can stop and get one of those pineapple drinks beforehand!

Is that a good spot to watch the Electrical Water Pageant as well?

Not as good. Since it goes right behind the bungalows it is obstructed some of the time. But it peeks in and out and you an hear the music. You can see it off to the left, too, before it reaches the bungalows but it is just a “meh” viewing spot for that.

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So, better to watch the pageant from the beach and the fireworks from the knoll?

Yes, that would be smart. But they happen one after the other so keep that in mind

Thank you! Our plan is to take the boat from MK to the Poly, watch the pageant and fireworks, then head back to our hotel. We have never done that before, but we like to try new things each time we go.