MK Fireworks Dessert Party Question


I booked a dessert party for my daughter’s birthday on our last day of our Trip in Nov. I currently booked Tomorrowland Terrace view but I’ve read that the Garden View is better and cheaper. Only issue is that the Grandparents will be going and have mobility issues. I like the idea of having seats for them, so thinking that will be our best option even though it is more expensive. However, If I’m not satisfied with the view when we get there, will I be able to take my daughter down to the garden view? It probably won’t be big deal to her either way, but I like to have options.


Disney is changing the price of the Garden View area so it is no longer much difference between the two. We are considering a dessert party for November also but I haven’t been before. Our neighbors did the Tomorrowland Terrance and said it was well worth it. They are also adding an after fireworks dessert party so there is some concern that this could mean that the Garden View is very crowded… no direct answer from Disney yet as to whether or not this is the case.

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We did the Tomorrowland Terrace last year – we were escorted to the “grassy” area to sit and watch the fireworks anyhow, so it didn’t matter where we sat for dessert. It was totally worth it to not stand all squished among the masses during the fireworks.

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