MK fireworks after 1900 Park Faire

My extended family is going to WDW for a family wedding. My immediate family is arriving early to do Universal and two park days before everyone arrives. The day everyone arrives at MCO at 10 AM, we’re going epcot and meeting everyone (party of 15) at 1900 Park Faire for dinner at 7:30 PM. I"d like to watch the 9:15 (July) fireworks together after. It seems like the dock is the best place at the GF to watch the fireworks but I’m not sure that will be great with all these little kids (1YO, 2YO, 2x5YO, 6YO and 2x7YO). Sounds stressful to me. How long would it take to Transportation and Ticket Office from the GF? I know if dinner runs late, we’ll just make the most of it at the GF, but I was wondering at what point I should abandon plans of leaving the GF. Or would the Gasparilla Grill or sidewalk leading to GF dock work for our group?

Following. I want to do this too. I want the best spot with the music. How far in advance do you need to arrive? Will we really feel like we’re missing out without projections?