MK Fireworks 9pm or 11pm close

Which do you think is better to view the Fireworks at MK - a 9 PM close night or an 11pm (EMH) close? (During early October, so nights to view the FW are limited due to MNSSHP)

We’re planning on doing it on an 11pm (EMH) close…I figure at least that way SOME of the people won’t be trying to leave right away, we could go ride 1-2 rides before trying to leave, etc. but I haven’t actually done it yet…

I think the crowd will be big any non party night. I also expect the hours will be extended.

Very true, thinking back, we probably have done both and I think they were just as crazy. I’ve just never paid attention to evening magic hours because we’ve always had young kids with us and didn’t use them.