MK FastPasses and Touring Plans

I am working on my Day 2 MK touring plan. It will pretty much be an easy day. One question I have is that when optimizing my plan, it has me arriving at Haunted Mansion (from Peter Pan’s Flight - no FP) at 10:29 but the FP is for 9:25-10:25. If I arrive outside the window, won’t it drop my Haunted Mansion FP? I can bump Haunted Mansion up above Peter Pan without a huge increase in wait time. I’m just wondering why it’s trying to force me to/recommend Haunted Mansion outside the 1 hour window.

You have a grace period of 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after that hour window.


Ahhh!! Good to know! Thanks so much!

To be honest though, where the plan has me arriving in the grace period, I always move it earlier. I don’t want to miss it because of a bathroom break.

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