MK - evening EMH - quick service and buses

We are going in December and plan on taking advantage of evening EMH. Is there a place I can find the restaurants that will be open during the EMH? Also, we plan on staying till park close (2am), will the buses be running that late?

Thank you for all your help.

Can’t speak to restaurants but re: buses, they run until 1hr after official park closing (so in that case 3a.m)

Ditto. The last time I was there for a late EMH, Cosmic Ray;s and Pecos Bill’s were both open, but take that as anecdotal and not as predictive for when you’ll be there.

Thank you so much. I know my guys are going to be hungry come midnight. It’s a huge relieve to know I won’t have to worry about missing the bus.

Doesn’t mde state emh times for restaurants like it lists them for attractions?

It APPEARS that mde will filter for you. I haven’t gotten it to produce a list (that I trust.)
Go into dining, select MK, Counter Service, Nov 30 (mk 11p-1a emh.) It only allows you to search up to 10pm, so I’m not 100% sure if it’s actually validating for anything open at that time or just checking fo any QS… BUT

Once you select a place from the list provided, it shows what would really appear to be their hours.
Be our guest states it is only open until 11pm.
BUT OTHERS, like Casey’s Corner, list the Magic Hours under their operating hours.
If you select a different date, the operating hours change, so I’d assume that Casey’s is open for the EMH.

AND ALSO, from the TP site’s faq about EMH:

Q: Will there be food available during Extra Magic Hours?
A: Has Disney ever let you starve? While the in-park table service
restaurants will likely not be fully operational during EMH, there will
always be some counter service options open whenever there are guests in
the parks.

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Thank you so much, this is great information!!